Four extra games have been added to the Humble Indie Bundle 6. 

Perhaps dispassionately for avid Bundle fans, 3 of the titles will be familiar. ‘Bit.Trip.Runner’, ‘Jamestown’ and ‘Gratuitous Space Battles‘ were all part of the 4th Indie Bundle released in December 2011.

But one is new to the Bundle family: Wizorb.

Lots of Sales

The latest Bundle is one week into its two week promotion period and it’s already proving to be a success. Over 220,000 bundles have been sold generating over $1.3 million in sales.

Getting The New Games

If you’ve already bought the bundle you don’t need to buy it again to get these freebies: just go to the Downloads page linked to in your Humble Receipt.

But if you haven’t yet bought this bundle you’ll need to buy it for higher than the average purchase price. At the time of writing this is $5.84.

All of the new titles can be redeemed through the Ubuntu Software Software for easier installation.

Buy the Humble Indie Bundle #6

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