Another month, another Humble Bundle. This time it’s the third iteration of the ‘…for Android’ series.

By now you should know how the Humble Bundle works. For the next 14 days you get to decide how much you pay for the games on offer.

The ‘pay-what-you-want-model’ has proved hugely lucrative for the games developers involved in the inititive. Over $5 million was raised during the last event, the Humble Indie Bundle V, making it the most successful in the series’ history.

But don’t let the title of this bundle fool you. Despite the ‘Android’ in the name all of the games can be installed on Ubuntu through the Ubuntu Software Center or by downloading the .deb packages provided.


Five games are being offered in this pack.

Two titles make their Linux debut:

  • Retro-inspired music rhythm game BIT.TRIP BEAT
  • Tower defense title Fieldrunners

Two titles are repeats, having featured in previous Bundles:

  • Puzzle game SpaceChem (previously included in the Frozen Synapse Bundle)
  • Cyberpunk hacking puzzle-adventure Uplink (which was part of winter 2011’s Introversion Bundle)

Should you decide to pay more than the average price you’ll also grab a copy of:

  • Puzzle game Spirits


To buy the pack, which entitles you to copies for Android and Ubuntu (and Windows and OS X should you wish), head over to

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