The Logitech Performance MX MouseLinux users of Logitech’s MX Performance Mouse are asking the hardware company to provide proper Linux support for the high-end product.

“I recently purchased a Logitech Performance Mouse MX, and I love it.” writes Linux user atarian88 on the Logitech support forms.

“It feels just right in the hand, and it has so much potential. Note the use of the word “potential”; the mouse could be so much better under my operating system of choice.”

Citing the inability to change the DPI and reprogram the various on-mouse buttons, as well as the lack of official support for the ‘unifying receiver’ on Linux, he calls for the company to consider its Linux users, noting that something as trivial as a utility to change the DPI settings of Logitech mice ‘would pay off immensely in the long run’ .

The uniquely controred Performance Mouse MX has won praise from reviewers for its ‘comfortable design’ and ‘sturdy’ construction.

Should Logitech provide official first-party for Linux users of their higher-end hardware? If you think so you can add your voice to the support thread below.

Logitech Linux Support Thread