Ubuntu Phone - Fan Concept

A recent job posting from Canonical appears to show that the company is serious about its intentions to enter the mobile OS market.

In a vacancy titled ‘Business Development Manager (Ubuntu Phone OS), the company are calling for “a business development lead to engage and develop strong relationships with industry partners in the run up to the launch of Ubuntu as a smartphone operating system,” so as to, they say, “establish a commercial ecosystem around Ubuntu as a smartphone OS.”

With recent announcements (and positive reaction) to Ubuntu for Android, you could forgive Canonical for leaving their ambitions there.

But, if the job posting is taken at face value, they haven’t.

By continuing with plans for a bona-fide Ubuntu Phone OS of their own, they company are putting the ‘Can’ into Canonical.

How well would competing against Android with Ubuntu Phone OS on one tack, whilst also complimenting it with Ubuntu for Android on the other work out? That remains to be seen.

Canonical Jobs, via Tips Form