Humble Botanicula Bundle

Bored? You can count on the Humble Bundle to allieve you of that – and mutually beneficial amount of money in the process.

Yes, the bargain-tastic gaming bundle is back with a new set of titles to tempt you with in the ‘Humble Botanicula Debut’.

The games in this set are all from Amanita Design, including the titular ‘Botanicula‘ – a point-and-click adventure game with ‘storybook visuals’ and an outstanding soundtrack by Czech group DVA.

Also offered are Machinarium, and Samorost 2 – both puzzle-come-adventure games worth wiling your spare time with.

But hold your hobby horses – there is a lure towards offering a little bit more than 50 cents. Should you ‘beat’ the average price paid (currently around the sub-$9 mark) then you’ll bag two freebies:

  • Animated movie ‘Kooky’ – directed by Academy Award-winnerJan Svorak
  • The point-and-click puzzler Windosill by Vectorpark

As is typical from the Humble folks, all games are available on Windows, Linux and Mac. If you pay more than $5 you’ll also nab a key to redeem the games on Steam (should you wish).

The bundle is running for two-weeks and can be purchased @ for whatever price you’re willing to pay.