Corel AfterShot Pro in Linux

Corel’s newly-launched AfterShot Pro brings Lightroom competitor to Linux

The multi-platform application is based upon technology from Bibble Labs whom Corel acquired in early January.

AfterShot Pro, which is largely a rebadged version of the latest releas of Bibble Pro, is similar in function to other well-known photography applications such as Aperture and Adobe’s Lightroom. It boasts advanced non-destructive editing, a ‘complete RAW workflow’, ‘flexible photo management’, and comprehensive metadata and batch-processing tools.

Corel also say that the application fully optimised for multiple-core CPUs.

A full version of AfterShot will set you back $99/£79, but a fully-functional 30-day trial version can be downloaded from as 32bit and 64bit .Deb packages.

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