The latest Humble Indie Bundle has arrived just in time for christmas – and it’s packing in a colossal amount of cross-platform goodness this time.

Five titles make up the pack which, as ever, can be bought for whatever price you want to pay.

  • Platformer Super Meat Boy
  • 2D brawler Shank
  • Shoot ’em up Jamestown
  • Retro-styled platform game Bit.Trip Runner
  • Puzzle game Nightsky HD

Should you choose the pay more than the average price ($4.90 at the time of writing) then a further two games – Cave Story+ and Gratuitous – are thrown in for gratis.

All of the games are making their Linux debut. As such the HIB ask users to be patient whilst early bugs are ironed out.

The Bundle runs for the next 14 days.

To buy, or find out more information on this bundle, point your open-source browser of choice @