Finding ‘the right’ kind of keyboard is a subjective affair, but one niggle that bugs me, as a Linux user, is seeing them come with a Windows logo on the ‘Super’ key.

So I was stoked to see industrial tech engineer Jason Gidding’s stunning Multi-Touch Glass Keyboard – which has surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal of $50,000 for prototype, tooling and pre-production of the device – shuns the familiar emblem in favour of something less OS-bound.

The touch-sensitive glass keyboard works by using Frustrated Total Internal Reflection – a light-based method for detecting ‘key presses’.

But the keyboard gets better: Jason says the software to interpret the key-presses will be open-source: –

“That’s right, the software is open source!

I believe in order to realize the true potential of a multi-touch keyboard and mouse we are going to need everyone’s great ideas!”

As the Kickstarter funding has been reached you don’t need to do anything other than sit back and wait for the keyboard and mouse to (hopefully) find its way to market.

Knstrct via Chris Hutchens

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