I’m always slightly weary of promoting kick-starter projects. The cynic in me is always predicting vapourware.

But sometimes it’s worth putting your faith in a project – particularly when it’s backed by someone with good standing within the wider community, and their project happens to look and sound as awesome as this.

Say hello to ‘P*ssed off Penguins‘.

P*ssed Off Penguins

What is the game about? The creator, Kris Occhipinti, explains: –

“It is a 2D Angry Birds Style Game created using the Blender 2.6 Game Engine. Not only will users have access to all the code for the project, But every step in the creation of the Game will be recorded. So you can see the whole process, beginning to end. Allowing you to see the thought process in creating the game, as well as all the mistakes and changes along the way.”

To see the project to fruition Kris is seeking a hefty $2500. With only 6 days left he is almost half way towards his goal.

Kickstarter rules mean that if you don’t reach your goal by the end of your fundraising period you get nothing.

Like the game? Like the motivation? You can chuck in a dime or two @ kickstarter.com/projects/1384519763/pissed-off-penguins.

*’Pissed’ in the UK is generally considered an expletive