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Today Marks Pay A Blogger Day

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Today marks Pay A Blogger Day – a new initiative lead by social micro-payment service Flattr.

The day seeks to motivate readers, listeners and users of blogs, podcasts, and open-source software into showing their appreciation by way of monetary support, asking “What if people would tip blogs like they tip bar staff?”

Giving back: easier (and cheaper) than you might think

There are a variety of ways for you to give back to your favourite online sources – and not all require you sending in your loose change.

Look to see if a blog or site uses any affiliate links. Amazon tends to be most widely used. By purchasing something from Amazon via an Amazon affiliate link the blogger gets a small percentage of that sale back from Amazon. It costs you nothing, but keeps a blogger in coffee.

Other ideas include buying merchandise, e-books or music tracks that may be for sale or dropping a $1 into a bloggers Paypal.

If you’re into something more gesture-y then look for a Flattr button on the blog, site or project page you wish to say ‘Thanks’ to.

The most important thing is to let someone whose content you enjoy know that you enjoy it – in whatever way you can.

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