The latest version of Ubuntu-based Linuxdistribution’Linux Mint’ is now available to download.

Codenamed ‘Lisa’, Linux Mint 12 ships with a tweaked GNOME 3 desktop that aims to gives users with a more traditional desktop experience than that afforded by GNOME-Shell alone. It achieves thisthrough bundlinga number of additional extensions, such as a desktop taskbar, new ‘start menu’, and’Alt+tab’ application switcher.

The GNOME 2 fork ‘MATE’ is also available to install in Mint 12, and can be used alongside the default Mint ‘MGSE’ desktop.

Other new or notable changes in Mint 12 including the removal of overlay scrollbars; the setting ofDuckDuckGo as the default search engine; and an updated set of wallpapers and themes.

To learn more about Linux Mint 12 you can read the official releaseannouncementon theLinux Mint blog.

Linux Mint 12 can be downloaded @

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