When GNOME transitioned to its shiny new GNOME 3 desktop the ‘GNOME Applets’ of previous releases were lost.

Some of those applets were handy (‘CPU’) and some were frankly useless (‘Eyes’). But amongst them was a fan-favourite: Wanda the fish.

This animated fish could be added to a desktop panel. Clicking on her would reveal astute quotes of indubitable insight or wit.

wanda fish quote

Or something.


Miss her? Well you need not carp on about it anymore: Dylan McCall has packaged Wanda up into an indicator-applet, giving you the oppor-tuna-ty to plaice her back on your desktop.

I’ll stop with the puns now ;)

Wanda indicator applet

To net Wanda (last one, promise) add the following PPA to your software sources, update, then install the ‘indicator-fish’ package from the Ubuntu Software Centre.


Alternatively, download one of the Ubuntu 11.10 .Deb installers below: –


Indicator-fish 64bit

Download gnome-applets indicator-applets wandathefish