The Ubuntu 11.10 Release Candidate willmade available for download shortly, Canonical’s Kate Stewart hasannounced.

The Ubuntu 11.10 release candidate images were originally due forrelease last Thursday, October 6th.

Ubuntu 11.10 Login Screen

“Formal Candidate Images”

“The images that are the trial run for the official images wereposted up on the iso tester last night/today.”Stewart writes in a post to theUbuntu Development Mailing List (among others). “The most recent languagepack updates should now be included on those images rebuilt today aswell.”

“They are now very close to what we’ll be building as the formalcandidate images on sunday/monday.

“Any help you can give in testing the images available on the isotester out over the next couple of days would be much appreciated.Thelatest images can be found [at]“.

As soon as the ‘formal candidate images’ are ready for download we’ll be sure to let you know.