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Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview Rolls Out Daily Builds

Starting today all the builds of the Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview for phones and tablets will be available for daily consumption.

26 February 2013

[How To] Update An Ubuntu Daily ISO Using zsync

zsync is a nifty command-line utility that can keep files up-to-date with remote ones. One of the most popular uses of zync on Ubuntu is for updating Ubuntu's daily build image with the latest changes - saving the need to download the entire 800MB .iso again. And in this guide we'll show you how to use it.

10 January 2013
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Ubuntu 12.04 Daily Builds Available

Whilst I would advise against installing it just yet, daily builds of Ubuntu 12.04 (currently pre-pre-alpha) are available for download.

2 November 2011
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Shotwell Launch Daily Builds PPA for Bug Hunters

Calling the bold, the brave and the nosey: the developers of photo-managementapplication Shotwell have launched a daily builds PPA for Ubuntu 11.10. The PPA provides bug hunters and those keen to try pre-release builds with […]

30 October 2011