Browsing your movie files could soon become a lot easier in Ubuntu.

A new ‘Movie scope’ in development for Ubuntu’s Unity File Lens aims toenhance browsing your locally available video files by adding searchable movie-related meta-data.

So rather than ‘just’ searching for the file name, the scope will let you search through other movie-related metadata, such as filtering though your files by release year, genre, actor names, and, potentially, a lot more.

For example: Say I want to watch a movie with (thewonderful) Julie Delpy in. I would open the Unity File Lens, select ‘Videos’ from the filter pane and enter her name in the search bar. All of my local movie files would then be filtered down so that only those movies starring Julie Delpy were left on display.

And then there’s the look: How much nicer do movie files look when presented with their “artwork” rather than a random thumbnail from the movie file? Very is the answer.

You can see the Movie Scope in action in the video below.

Via untriangle

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