With Beta 2 of Ubuntu 11.10 quickly approaching us – it’s due on September 22nd – things haven’t exactly been standing still in development land.

Below are a number of minor, but pretty noteworthy, visual tweaks that Ubuntu 11.10 hasreceivedover the last week.

Alt+Tab changes

Windows displayed in the Alt+Tab window switcher are now all the same height; only the width varies between applications.

Tapping down whilst highlighintg an app icon in the switcher now reveals a larger preview with a new orange border for highlighting.


The Unity Launcher,, “Big Fat Button”, Workspace Switcher, Lenses and Track launcher icon all use the “averagebackground colour” of your wallpaper – just as the Dash and Panel have done for the last few releases.

The result is stunning in action, as demonstrated in the short video below: –

Window Snapping

I won’t call it “Aero Snap”, but I will call it less blinding: the golden effect when dragging a window to the edge of your screen has been toned down in recent updates: –


The “Workspaces Overview” has a tighter, more compact look, complete with orange border for “active/selected” workspace and the dimming out of workspaces without an active application on.

Software Centre

The revamped Ubuntu Software Centre has had a detailedeye cast of it, with recent updates brining tighter spacing and less padding, along with lessgaudyheaders (no more orange), a much better banner, and other subtleimprovements.

To keep you abreast of installation progress the Software Centre has a new look toolbar-based ‘spinner’: –

Accessibility wise, the Software Centre now plays nicely withHigh Contrast themes: –


The Dash and Lenses now sport slightly bigger icons.

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