If you use a Google service – whether it’s Docs or Gmail – chances are you’ve noticed that a ‘new theme’ has been rolled outacrosstheir various web apps.

On the plus side the changes offer a consistent look and style across Google’s many web apps, with minimalistic looking themes using lots of white space. On the not-so-plus side they lack contrast; all that white can be very harsh on the eyes early in the morning…

DeviantArt user~plaidcountyhas taken cues from Google’s new look to craft together a “Google” style GNOME-Shell theme.

And it looks pretty freaking awesome: –

The theme, for the most part, is a pretty accurateimplementation – even theGNOME panel takes the colour from Google’s newly-darkenednavigation bar, and looks all the more awesome for it.

On the downside the theme doesn’t come with a matching GTK theme. It also requires the installation of the Droid font family in order to look “the biz”.

Installation is typical of GNOME Shell: Either put the ‘Google’ theme folder inside ~/.themes and use the theme-selector extension to enable it. If you’re lacking that extension you will need to back-up your /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme folder and replace everything inside it with this theme using a root Nautilus window.

Download | Google GNOME-Shell Theme

Hat tip to me4oslav

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