Linux users are one step closer to having a native version of indie-game storeDesurawith the recent launch of a closed beta client for the service.

Currently the beta is only available to a ‘selected few’ as it undergoes testing and bug elimination. But don’t let this annoy you as the developers have stated: –

“Once our testers are happy, we will be opening the beta to everyone.”

Anyone wishing to apply for the Beta Programme – “it’s never too late” say the developers – will need to join thisDesura group.

The developers also note that whilst users can browse and buy games on Linux, anyone without access to the beta won’t be able to download and play them.

New Games

Interestingly – or should that be teasingly? – the releaseannouncementgives an exciting hint as to the future of Linux-compatible games to be offered by the service:

“We’ve got plenty more games coming, some never before on Linux, so much to look forward to.”



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