OMG! Ubuntu!’s regular BansheecontributorDavidNielsenis currently having all manner of issues so is unable to post, but he armed me with a bunch of nifty news snippets that should help tide over the Banshee faithful until he returns…

Banshee 2.1.4 Released

Banshee 2.1.4 and Banshee Community Extensions 2.1.4 have been released. Both bring avarietyof bug fixes to the table and can be downloaded from

GTK3 Banshee – Still Happening

GTK3 workhas been delayed untill Banshee 2.3.xto avoid introducing potential stability problems late in the Banshee 2.2 cycle.GTK3 itself has received significant improvements as a result of Banshees porting work and should now be in a better position for other projects to use as a result.


David writes:

“GStreamer# port now supports Video playback and is considered a target for merging. However it depends on GTK#3 which is 2.3.x material and thus will not be in 2.2. Significant improvements have been merged to the GStreamer# backend in 2.2 though.

This work will vastly improve functionality on non-Linux platforms and allow Banshee to use GStreamer directly rather than through the existing problematic C shim (which is in use on Linux currently). This work is planned to be used on all platforms in 2.3.x and should increase stability while decreasing the maintance burden for Banshee.”


Banshee, finally, gets uPNP server and client support thanks to Google Summer of Code 2011 student Tobias Arrskog (and mentor Alexander Kojevnikov). Expect to see it land in the Banshee 2.3.x series.

More on this work can be read

Artist and Genre Browsing

A patch allowing users to configure the music browser, (showing or hiding the ‘Genre’ and ‘Year’; and showing all artists or only album artists) will ‘hopefully be merged during 2.3.x.’ series.

The feature is ready to test for people willing – and capable – of patching and building Banshee manually.


The future of WebOS might be in limbo, but work on bringing Banshee to mobile platform is continuing anyway. Banshee developer Jo Shields posted the following picture on his Twitter:

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David put together a Banshee test image for OS X Lion. Emphasis is duly placed on the word “test” with known issues such asdrag and drop crashing Banshee; Playback of video crashing Banshee; No hardware backend support at all.

David tells me that whilst the regular music experience seems fairly solid, it’s best to consider the image an alpha.

Elsewhere, Xamarin – the recently formed company now supporting and developing Mono – have hiredopen-source development groupLanedoto improve GTK on OS X. This work will not only benefit Banshee but other cross platform applications on OS X.

Yes he can

last, but by no means least, is the news that Banshee’s lead developer Gabriel Burt has taken a job with the Obama re-election campaign.

Although Gabriel will havesignificantly less time to devote to Banshee, the good news is that he does plan to stay involved as his time allows.

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