An Ubuntu-branded neoprene laptop sleeve is the latest item to be added to the Canonical store.

Retailing for £19.95, the sleeve is billed as “a beautiful form-fitting Ubuntu laptop sleeve.”

The sleeve is available in 3 sizes: 13″, 15″ and 17″. All varieties are grey with an orange inner lining. Two rubber Ubuntu logo zips and a badge add the branding to the Neoprene outer.

What’s Neoprene, you ask? Google tells us it’s:

“A synthetic polymer resembling rubber, resistant to oil, heat, and weathering.”

Laptop sleeve - Ubuntu style

It’s a shame that a 10″ version is not available. I have several netbooks that would love to be seen wearing this…

Ubuntu Neoprene Laptop Sleeve | Canonical Store

Hat tip to Akshat

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