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Facebook Bans KDE Apps, Deletes Pics Uploaded Using Them [Update]

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Update: Facebook has since restored access for the KDE applications and plugins, as well as re-adding the missing photos. Apparently the removal was a mistake caused by one of Facebook’s automated systems.

Facebook has banned KDE applications from uploading pictures to users profiles – with no clear reason as to why.

But if you think that’s a #fail in itself,  the social-networking site has reportedly removed all photos and albums that were uploaded using the now-banned applications and plugins.

Attempting to upload an image through an application that uses KIPI – the KDE Image Plugin Interface - results in the following error: –

“Facebook Call Failed: Invalid API key”

Applications currently affected include Gwenview and Digikam.

At the time of writing this does not affect GNOME applications such as Shotwell or F-Spot.

Appeals Process

But all is not, quite literally in this case, lost: An appeals procedure to reverse an application ban and restore deleted photos exists.

A bug report has been filed with Facebook with the hope of getting KIPI re-enabled. You can help speed things up by voting (but not commenting) on it @

In the mean time this kerfuffle should be a clear reminder to all that you can never have too many back-ups both online and offline.

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