Poor little Amahi.

‘Amahi’ is open-source home server software which can turn an old PC into a streaming media centre, making your photos, videos and files available to other computers and applications in your house.

Very neat.áSo why are we feeling sorry for them?

The Big Bad Apple has told them off, issuing a cease and desist letter over their use of the term ‘App Store’ on their website.

We get it Apple, you own the ‘App Store’ trademark.áExcept, let’s be honest: you really don’t – the English languages does.

‘App Store’ is such aágeneric term that ‘owning’ it would be asáludicrousáas ASDA/WallMart being the only ‘Grocery Store’ or Texaco being the sole user of the term ‘Gas Station’.áMicrosoft and Amazon are botháchallengingáApple in court over their ownership of the term on these very grounds.

Renaming contest

As for Amahi? Lacking the resources and clout which Microsoft and Amazon posses they have no choice but to choose a new name.

To help decide on the new name they are runningáa ‘Name the store’ contest @ amahi.org/name-the-store where users are free to submit their ideas on an alternative title for the App… er… ‘place where you can find applications and add-ons for Amahi’.

Amongst the moreácheeky suggestions submitted so far are:-

  • @ppStore
  • Apistˇr
  • Application Store
  • iStore

However I’m sure the guys and gals at Amahi would appreciate something more constructive, so if you’re going to submit a suggestion use your head and not your wit.

Nick J. via Amahi Blog

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