Canonical’s Creative Strategy Lead Ivanka Majic is taking a break from coordinating the design of Ubuntu to enjoy her honeymoon on a motorbike trip from the top of North America to the bottom of South America.

Much like Ewen McGregor and Charlie Boorman’s famous The Long Way Round, Ivanka and her new husband Nick are riding atop a BMW GS for the 24,000 mile journey from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, a trip which is sure to be an experience for the both of them.

Away for at least six months, I’m reassured that when she eventually returns later this year, Ivanka will jump back into the shoes of her current position.

Ivanka has been instrumental in opening the Canonical design team to the community. She was one of the first members of the design team, and since then has not only been doing excellent work but also is responsible for things like the creation of the design team blog, the advocation of the need for the Ubuntu font, and the creation and distribution of the Ubuntu brand guidelines.

Under her direction, the Canonical design team has been noticeably improving not only Ubuntu release to release, but also, community projects, the Ubuntu branding, and more.

I spoke with Ivanka earlier this week, and she told me how much she’s looking forward to spending time with her new husband and seeing the Americas on a motorbike. She also told me that although she’ll miss the rest of her team, she’s looking forward to having a bit of a break after 2 uninterrupted years working at Canonical.

I’ve personally had a lot to do with Ivanka ever since meeting her in Belgium at the Ubuntu Developer Summit for the Maverick release over a year ago, and she’s an exceptionally friendly and approachable person with a real “just do it” attitude.

I’m sure her team will miss her presence over the next cycle, and we here at OMG! Ubuntu! give her and Nick the best wishes for their exciting travels!

Read more about her trip here, you can alsofollow Ivanka on Twitter or subscribe to her blog, Self-Contained and Boundless.

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