“Yo Mr OMG!, Can you feature a theme other than Ambiance-based ones?”

I will soon, I promise. But in the mean time let me draw your attention to some more work by ~simplygreat who has created a rather elegant mod of Ubuntu’s default Ambiance theme.

Ambiance Evolution theme in UbuntuThe theme, called ‘Ambiance Evolution’, is a borderless beauty boasting smooth transitions between title bars and toolbars, new sliders and progress bars, improved buttons and customized styles for many applications (including Postler, Dexter, Midori and Nautilus Elementary)

To top it all off the theme even ships with those ‘Ubuntu one style’ dark toolbars that I can’t seem to shut up about these days.


The file, along with installation instructions, can be found @ simplygreat.deviantart.com/art/Ambiance-Evolution-209420390

Update 12/06/11: The theme now has a PPA.

Download ambiance Eye Candy themes