Ubuntu’s mono-styled tray icons have been “completely redrawn” for their inclusion in Natty.

The revamp, being tended to by the elementary project’s Dan Rabbit, aims to make the tray area icons use “…consistent colors, …correct sizes, …correct spacing”.

On first glance the most easily-spotted change concerns messaging alerts. The luminous green color tasked with catching your eye to a reply has been ditched in favor of a mild and appeasing blue. This undoubtedly works much better with the panel background and Unity in general.

ubuntu 11.04 new icons
Panel icons in Ubuntu 11.04

It’s not just a smattering of blue for the sake of it, either. The following colours are now used to denote specific alerts or changes in state: –

  • Red: Critical issues
  • Orange: Warnings
  • Blue: Pure information
  • Green: Approved or “now OK”

There are even a few ‘new’ application icons to be seen with Transmission but one of the apps benefiting. The familiar sight of elementary’s WiFi icon takes up a spot, as does a Battery icon sporting a ‘reduced nipple’.

older panel icons in ubuntu
Panel icons in Ubuntu 10.10

Icons themselves are now the same colour as panel text – a minor, but noticeable “fix”. Further polish to the spacing and sizing of icons round out the changes.

In all, nothing revolutionary and all very much a work-in-progress.

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