Let us begin this jolly quick count-down of some recent developments to the Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha with our (now obligatory) mantra:

Alpha. Alpha. Alpha.

Repeat that to yourself 9 times before scrolling on down or, in the words of  a YouTube chain-mail comments circa 2004, something bad will happen. Capiche?


Unlike my dying-to-be-valentines-day-related headlines, the updates featured below are, themselves, rather self-explanatory,

Make a date with Indicator Datetime

The indicator-applet calendar/clock widget has added an ‘Add Appointment’ entry. This currently launches Evolution’s calendar view for you to, well, add an appointment.

Window says to Launcher: “Don’t call me, I’ll call you.”

Recent Launcher options added to Unity’s Compiz plugin concern ‘hiding’.

As well as the ‘always hide’ option comes ‘Dodge Windows’ – an option which, no shocks, dodges windows regardless whether the ‘active’ window is touching the launcher or not.

Unity launcher new options: dodge all windows

‘Dodge Active Window’ results in the launcher hiding only if the active window is touching/overlapping it.

Unity launchers new options: dodge active window

There is a light that never goes out (but only if you want)

3 options are available for controlling the Launcher ‘backlight’.

  • ‘Backlight off’ (i.e. never used, even for active apps)
  • ‘Backlight toggle’ (i.e. only used for active apps)
  • ‘Backlight always on’ (i.e. no differentiation between active and non-active apps)

To stack them up in order as above: –

Baby, you’re dumped

We mentioned this in passing a few days back but it’s worth mentioning again: Trash now has a quick-list entry for swift expunging of cruft.

Remember, as always, these features/developments are in flux/testing/subject to change. So no pants in a paddy in the comments, folks.

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