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Lubuntu 11.04’s proposed new theme, ‘OZone‘, has been made available for  testing from the Lubuntu desktop PPA.

The theme is currently only available for Natty users.

The theme is based, in part on Xubuntu’s default theme ‘Bluebird‘ with touches of Zuki Blues by Lassekongo.

Lubuntu 11.04's new theme: OZone

Talking about it’s design, the wiki states: –

"The idea for this release was the refound (sic) of blueness. A new and fresh air to Lubuntu from the highness of the atmosphere and one of its components, the Ozone, which is in danger thanks to us and our dirty way of life."


Install the ‘lubuntu-artwork’ package from the Lubuntu Desktop PPA. Note that this also contains other development/testing packages.


To fully enable the theme in all the appropriate places you’ll need to: –

  • Right click on the desktop panel > select "Panel settings" > change background to "ozone_panel.png".
  • Right click on Lubuntu menu orb > "Menu Settings" > change images to "ozone_menu.png".
  • Go to Menu > Preferences > Customize look and feel. Select "Ozone" in both ‘Widget’ and ‘Window Border’ tabs.
  • Finally set the background by right clicking on the desktop > preferences > choosing ozone_wall_[resolution].png
Download How To Lubuntu natty ozone