Could Unity’s application over-view look better for Natty?

Discussions currently taking place on the Ayatana mailing list certainly think so and the mock-up below is one such proposed solution.

app_menu_place (1)

The above mock-up, based upon an idea by Vincent Moulin,  is certainly much more informative-at-a-glance than the current iteration: –

One assumes that the ‘top three’ apps in the list would be informed by Zeitgeist )or other usage metrics) and I’d certainly prefer not to see my trash can – empty or not – in the Dash over-view. Otherwise – this idea is really great!

Could it happen? Unity developer Christian Giordano was certainly upbeat about current intentions: –

“The home of the Dash can definitely be a good place for more sophisticated activity launchers and for surfacing content in general.

We are exploring different possibilities around this, so it’s great to see that people here are liking it that much!”

Be sure to check out Vincent Moulin’s full spec @

Thanks to Jorge

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