Over 7, 000 of you voted in our poll querying you as to your mail app of choice – and here are the results.

As I think most would’ve have predicted, 36% of you said you prefer using your browser in lieu of a native desktop app.

Not that far behind the browser-fans came Mozilla’s Thunderbird which gathered 33% of the vote.

Ubuntu’s default mail application Evolution came in respectable third with just over 21%.

The majority of the ‘other’ votes went to Mutt (47 votes), Opera (29 votes) and the terminal-based Alpine (12 votes) and its base Pine (8 votes).

Elementary’s ‘in alpha’ mail app Postler nabbed 4 users whilst the rest seemed to miss the point of the question entirely with ‘aol’, ‘yahoo!’, random e-mail addresses, user names and a few slightly less well meaning ‘your site sucks’ type entries gathering a stray vote or two.

If anyone has a PPA for the latter do drop it off in my inbox – sounds fascinating ;)

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