OpenShot is getting a makeover – a brand new theme for the video editor is in the works and the app will finally adhere to the native icon set in use on a users desktop.

The new theme, designed by artist Jan Hofmann and pictured below, will hopefully better help OpenShot integrate into users desktops with it looking particularly in-sync with the default Ubuntu Ambiance theme.

OpenShot new theme

Icons will now be pulled from a users currently in use icon set rather than, as was the case previsously, using an independent set of icons.

The icon change will be particularly sweet news to OMG! Ubuntu! readers. Back in May this year we ran a poll asking readers whether they’d like to see OpenShot change its’ default theme.

91.67% said yes.

YouTube & Vimeo uploading

OpenShot is also adding an easy-upload dialogue for YouTube and Vimeo uploading.

OpenShot creator Jonathan Thomas says he is ‘really excited about this feature’ believing it to be ‘yet another innovation that will help differentiate OpenShot from the other Linux video editors.’

The feature will be easy to access, residing in the ‘File’ menu as ‘Upload to web’.

The next version of OpenShot is said to be ‘a month away’ from release.

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