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Strategy Game OilRush Finally Washes Ashore

Naval strategy game Oilrush has finally washed up on the welcoming beach of release-land.

25 January 2012
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Ubuntu Download of the Week: Oil Rush

I've refrained from featuring non-free/paid apps/games for a bit now, but feel this one deserves its place as Download of the Week: Oil Rush

29 August 2011
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Tell a joke, get OilRush!

One of the years big Linux game releases is coming, Unigine's realtime strategy game Oil Rush.

3 March 2011
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Hands on Preview of Unigine’s Upcoming RTS Game ‘Oil Rush’

The folks over at Unigine sent me over a sneak preview for their upcoming game Oil Rush, based on their new next-generation multi platform Unigine engine. The game is a self-described naval real-time-strategy with stunning graphics and an interesting take on the original RTS feel with the majority of gameplay taking place over water.

8 February 2011
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Unigine announces competition for Linux game developers

Unigine Corp., the company behind the Unigine Engine and the upcoming OilRush game have announced a contest to encourage game development on Linux that gives away a free license of their flagship product.

26 November 2010