Lubuntu developers are currently debating the default application line-up for the 11.04 release of the lightweight Ubuntu spin due April 2011.

Nothing final has been decided yet so take all of the following with a nice slice of ‘subject to change’ but with a lot of Lubuntu users/fans who read this blog I thought it’d be nice to have a quick vis-a-vis on what may turn out to be…

Webcam application ‘Cheese’ is being removed from Lubuntu due in part to its new dependency on Clutter. In its place may sit the not-so-blingy GTK+ UVC Viewer. A fair trade, but i’m not sure how many Lubuntu users use webcams in the first place…

The login screen, currently served by LXDM, will most likely be replaced with the newer, lighter and more customizableLightDM – providing testing goes well.

Lubuntu users frustrated by the inability to easily extract .RAR archives can breathe a sigh of relief for GNOME’s default archive tool ‘file-roller’ looks on track to replace current tool xarchiver.

Audio player DeaDBeeF was mooted however the ‘general consensus’ is in favour of current default Aqualung.

Aqualung is likely to remain Lubuntu default

Control Centers: everyone seems to have one and Lubuntu doesn’t want be left out.

Currently the debate on which control center to include is is between the previously-featured-on-OMG! ‘Lubuntu Control Centre’ or a less-flashy version of the brand new ‘Tuquito’ control centre.

In the video below you’ll see it in its full resource-hungry glory. For inclusion in Lubuntu a lighter animation-less version has been created.

Ubuntu users wanting to use the control center can install it from this PPA.

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