If your laptop uses a Synaptics’ ClickPad ‘button-less’ trackpad and you’re having trouble getting it to play dice in Ubuntu 10.10 then  the following workaround is sure to be helpful.

Synaptics’ ClickPad is supposed to provide  gesture and multi touch support on its ‘button-less’ design, which is mapped into ‘zones’ for right click, middle click etc.

Sadly Ubuntu 10.10 doesn’t play too nice with the ClickPad. Many of the touted gesture and multi-touch features are not supported out of the box and, worse,  other basic features are missing altogether – including the ability to right click!

A bug was filled on the issue and, whilst the issue will no doubt be fixed for Natty, Maverick users will need to get down and dirty with a not-so-complex-but-still-inconvenient-workaround.

Tutorial here

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