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Skype crashed today? Here’s a fix

Many Ubuntu users have been experiencing a bizarre crash issues with VoIP service Skype today whereby the application crashes then fails to start again. Reader Dipish hunted down a fix and mailed it in to share with you folks.

26 May 2011

[How to] Fix ‘Low Sound’ on a Macbook Running Ubuntu 11.04

Macbook users experiencing sound problems with heir speakers in Ubuntu 11.04 may benefit from the following 'fix'.

26 May 2011
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Fix the Pidgin ‘SSL Error’ in Ubuntu

So Microsoft threw some switch or other today that has resulted in many Pidgin users who try to connect to the MSN network being greeted with the following pop-up: – Now i’m not a Pidgin […]

18 November 2010
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ClickPad Workaround Fix for Ubuntu 10.10

If your laptop uses a Synaptics' ClickPad 'button-less' trackpad and you're having trouble getting it to play dice in Ubuntu 10.10 the following workaround is sure to be helpful.

2 November 2010
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Show Deluge torrent transfer rates on Docky [fix]

Docky and the Deluge torrent client were great bedfellows for a while with the former able to display transfer rates for the latter. And then it broke when Deluge 1.2 was released. Boo. Thanks to Gary over at we can get it working again in no-time.

17 October 2010
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Fix the "can’t click on flash" bug in Ubuntu with 1 command

If you’re experiencing the current annoying bug with Adobe Flash not registering mouse clicks (e.g. on YouTube, etc) then you’ll be pleased to hear that there is a relatively easy fix (for now). I must […]

6 November 2009