Avid users of the recently launched AskUbuntu.com service can now keep up-to-speed with a third-party add-on for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Ask Ubuntu Google Chrome addon


AskUbuntu extension for Chrome displays a small icon in your Chrome Toolbar.This, when clicked, is able to display various user-related stats, such as reputation and badges, but also allow you to easily keep up with new account activity, monitor tracked questions and be alerted to new unanswered questions.

Preferences can tweaked allow you to specify which category of questions to track, how many items per category to track and how to alert you to updates in those tracks.

AskUbuntu addon settingsThe extension also allows you to mark questions as read or to hide them ‘forever’.




The Firefox version of the extension places itself into the ‘status bar/’addons bar’. It boasts a more rounded feature set compared to the Chrome edition, with broader support for and easier access menu’s to many of AskUbuntu’s great features from the addon itself.

A caveat for Gnome users:

Gnome users may experience diminished functionality if their Firefox does not show icons in menus, since the icons are indicators of new activity. If this is the case visit http://askubuntu.com/questions/8586/…



Opera 11

A version for Opera 11 Alpha is also available. Note that this will not run on older versions of Opera.

AskUbuntu extension in action on Opera 11



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