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Unity AskUbuntu ‘Lens’ installable via PPA

Natty only: Remember that neat AskUbuntu lens we mentioned a few days back? Interested parties will be pleased to hear that it's now available to install via the ease of a PPA.

23 March 2011
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AskUbuntu Unity ‘lens’ in development

Ubuntu's Jorge Castro talked about how interested folks can build their own 'Places' for Unity, but today we've learnt word of Unity Lense that's in development.

18 March 2011

StackApplet 1.4 released – great indicator-applet for askUbuntu

Track your StackExchange reputation, get notified of new comments and answers with StackApplet. Works brilliantly with Ask Ubuntu (dot com).

23 November 2010
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AskUbuntu Extension for Chrome, Firefox & Opera 11

Avid users of the recently launched service can now keep up-to-speed with a third-party add-on for Google Chrome.

4 November 2010
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“Ask Ubuntu” Stack Exchange site out of beta, new awesome domain

The Ubuntu Stack Exchange site which we previously covered is now out of beta in time for the release of Ubuntu 10.10.

10 October 2010