One of the big draws in Ubuntu-based OS Linux Mint’s new release candidate – released today – is a new ‘metal’ looking theme.

Moving away from the previously-used Shiki themes, Linux Mint 10 ‘Julia’ comes with an entirely new theme called ‘Mint-X’. Based on ClearLooks Revamp the ‘metal’ appearance of it gives the Mint desktop a fresh and unified feel.

Eagle-eyed OMG! readers will instantly recognise many of the icons used in Mint’s new icon set – a mix of Faenza and ‘mintified’ icons from Elementary.

Better still if you want to try it out in Ubuntu – you can!

Download Mint-X theme and Mint-X Icons

First you need to download the mint-x icons and mint-x theme .deb installer from the Mint repositories.

Once completely downloaded install the icons first followed by the .deb containing the theme.

Going further

For more Mint-fix you can download and install Julia’s wallpapers – a hit and miss selection of 13 green and/or grey tinged wallpapers.

Going further still you can also install mint’s menu in Ubuntu – see here for our tutorial on that.

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