That Faenza icon set. It gets everywhere. Not content with being one of the most popular icon sets of the year Faenza’s success has spawned an enviable army of ‘spins’ and derivatives including a ‘green’ Faenza-Mint version and the following Mac OS X inspired ‘Faenza-Cupertino’ set.

The latter of these is now available for KDE users thanks to DeviantArt-ist mrmars.

To call the Faenza spin a perfect fit for KDE would be understating the mastery in the match. Faenza-Cupertino not only blends well with the default Kubuntu theme but looks like it was made specifically for it!


KDE users can grab the KDE port @ this link.

Ubuntu users liking the plush blue-ness of the theme can download the GNOME version @ this link.

Download faenza Icons kde