Validity Inc. are to release an Ubuntu support package for their VFS101 Fingerprint Reader (aka Digital Persona 138a:0001) later this year.

The situation is all too familiar; You buy a shiny new laptop/peripheral boasting a neat new hardware feature (in this case a fingerprint reader) only to find that the manufacturer doesn’t provide Linux support and any existing open-source drivers available are either too old, not easy to install or have long since ceased development.

OMG! reader Tobias Knight faced such a situation with a fingerprint reader made by Validity Inc. With the open-source driver on-hold, and wanting to make use of the device, he asked Validity Inc. whether they had any plans to provide support for Ubuntu users of their devices.

They replied with some good news: –

“We plan to release Ubuntu support package by the end of the year. It will include proprietary sensor daemon with sample for fprint. We do not have plans for Fedora, but the same package might work (no guarantee).”

Thanks to Tobias for sharing this

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