Hendrik1 stopped by the OMG! Inbox! to ask us if we knew of any TV guides for the desktop other than the popular TV-Browser application.


FreeGuide can be found nestled on the shelves within the Ubuntu Software Centre and whilst not the most glamorous of applications to look at (QT3, boo hiss) it’s easy to set up, easy to use but very slow to download listings if you select too many channels. Likewise it can lag when switching dates if too many listings are selected to show.

A nifty ‘Channel set’ feature helps to offset this, letting you group specific channels together.

The app has both vertical and horizontal viewing modes, letting you choose the layout to that is most intelligible to you, programme information is displayed neatly with a pane, a search feature allows you to seek out transmission dates for your favourite shows & the usual smattering of import and export options make it highly useful.


FreeGuide can be found and installed from the Ubuntu Software Centre by clicking the easy-install button below.

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