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Remnants of the Week

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

It’s that time of week again (which is in fact a total misnomer, as these remnant posts happen on completely irregular days…)! Your favorite day, when so many bits of news that was either somewhat minor, heavily covered elsewhere, or otherwise not requiring it’s own full length post, are all pulled together into one place. Let’s take a look!

  • Kazam looking for new Logo
  • omgjoz let us know that Kazam, “everyone’s favorite new screencaster program,” is on the lookouts for a logo! Submit your entry here and show it off in the comments as well! Please, though, be polite and don’t spam up the bug report. Read what has come before, before you post.
  • Tux to get monument?
  • Can haz? Apparently so (assuming that enough funds are raised)! In a Russian city called Tyumen. There is an approximate sketch here, official website here (in Russian, so prepare your google translate). Thanks Vitali!
  • Network Indicator Mockup…
  • Reader LIB53 dropped off this little tidbit he made which carries some of the precedent from the 10.10 sound indicator to the Network indicator. Take a look!
  • More Pop Culture Linux sightings
  • Steven Seagall and KDE together? It would appear so, based on these shots from the movie Machete. I’m no KDE expert, but it looks like it to me (and on a macbook pro, no less). If you haven’t seen it already, you might take a look at Iron Man using KDE 3.5 and Tron running Linux commands. Thanks, LoL
  • Also, Linux was sighted (looking very Macish with a global menu and a OSX skin) on the “Supernatural” season premier, as seen here. Thanks, Icewater.
  • Direct X to (eventually) run sort of natively on Ubuntu
  • A ton of you dropped us notes on this one, but it’s also been hit up already all over the nets. We do our best to not do super amounts of overlap with what’s already covered elsewhere, and in this particular case… Well it’s just barely a beginning, it’s just barely started, and it barely works. However, props to Luca Barbieri for his hard work on this, and we’re look on with excitement for the future! (Which you will probably be reading about on a different Ohso site…)