Photostory is a small application for taking a daily snapshot of yourself using your webcam.

The main draw over, say, simply reminding yourself to take a picture with Cheese is that Photostory is able collate the collected images into a ‘stop motion’ style video. Somewhat in the vein of this incredibly popular one:

Whether or not you have the patience to keep it up for 6 years like the dude above is down to you!


When you launch Photostory it opens on today’s date and allow you to take a new snapshot. Now, you only get once chance (there is no delete button) so the addition of a preview screen within the application is a boon. Using the calendar widget embedded you can also scroll back through previous photos taken.

Keith, who’s not been up to much since Karmic, takes his first picture with Photostory

Once you’ve taken a number you can press the ‘create film’ button to have your images assembled in chronological order, making for interesting viewing!

Features to come

Whilst the application does what it sets out to it is lacking a few features.

The inability to ‘retake’ a photo (which, admittedly, defeats the point somewhat) can annoy somewhat  if it turns out blurry or distorted. This could somewhat be remedied by introducing some sort of countdown (as in Cheese) to ‘snapping’.

Over on the project page the developer, Joel Auterson, has listed some features he hopes to include in later releases: –

  • Adding music to video
  • Sharing to social networks
  • “Invisible mode”
  • Reminders


Photostory .deb installers for 32bit and 64bit Ubuntu are available at the project page.

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