Well, for some of you readers, it’s already the 2nd of September, and the Beta release of 10.10 is out today. Originally, this was scheduled to be Alpha 4, but the Maverick Release schedule was slightly altered a few weeks ago to give a bit more time to “Release Quality” (read:bug hunting and rough edges).

For those of you already up to date and on the bleeding edge of Maverick, just keep updating like you have been.

For those of you wanting to break your Lucid Lynx install (I kid, I kid. It’s fairly stable), then please do a backup of anything important using your standard method, and probably don’t do it on your primary PC if you need it for work or whatever.

At some point in the next 12-24 hours, the Beta will be out and live, and ready to download. Then all you need to do is press ALT-F2, type in “update-manager -d” and update away!

Remember, the Beta is not the full release, so even though most users will have a fantastic time with their new features, some things might very well break, and painfully so. Please don’t blame us, it’s your computer.

The release candidate will be out on September 30th, and the full release is scheduled for October 10th.

Check back in tomorrow to get some of our reactions and some info about what the Beta looks and feels like.

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