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GUADEC video interviews

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Jeremy Allison nabbed some really neat interviews with various awesome people related to/involved with GNOME at this years 2010  GUADEC event and since so many of you enjoyed our interview with GNOME Co-Found Federico Mena we thought you may also find these of interest.

You can view these and many more over  @

Stormy Peters

Many readers of planet.gnome may already be familiar with the GNOME Foundation’s  Executive Director Stormy Peters.

In the 3 minute video below Jeremy talks to Stormy about the direction that GNOME is heading in, release schedules and everyone’s favourite topic of ‘GNOME 3‘!

Stormy Peters talks to Jeremy Allison at this years GUADEC


Lenart Pottering

Another interview well worth a few minutes of your time in-between those Facebook refreshes is this one with “the genius who a few people blame for breaking their audio, networking, and soon their init daemon”. (ace quote courtesy of Dylan McCall :P)

Init (bad pun) he discusses how what lead him to work on improving audio on the Linux desktop and some advice on what it takes to be successful in free-software.

Lennart Poettering talks to Jeremy Allison at this years GUADEC


Thanks to Dylan McCall for nudging us on this