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August record month for the GNOME Foundation

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

For the month of August the Amazon affiliate program gained the GNOME foundation ~$500, more than twice as much as the month before (at $231). The biggest reason for this sudden increase is the Amazon MP3 integration which is shipping in the current development version of Banshee which alone accounted for $175 being brought in for the Foundation.

It should be noted that till the 1.7.5 release released on September 1st Banshee has not shipped affiliate codes for anything but the US store and is still a development release so the coming months numbers will surely be interesting to follow as they are only likely to increase.

Do you think the GNOME foundation will ever be able to be fully funded in this way?

Thank you to Jaap A. Haitsma for his monthly Amazon affiliate summary