Save yourself the embarrassment of missing an important text or phone call when sat gazing at your Ubuntu desktop with the neato ‘Android Notifer‘ application.

No more does you attention need to be split between re-watching those girls on the XFactor have a fight on your desktop and checking your mobile to see if their audition has finished downloading as a ringtone.

The application is simple in premise: when your phone receives texts, incoming calls, media messages, voice-mail or other relevant alerts it pushes these notifications to your Ubuntu screen via Bluetooth or WiFi so that you don’t miss them.

The service displays notifications using the systems default notification service.

The application is undoubtedly useful if you wear headphones whilst on your laptop, have your desktop speakers turned up loud, keep your phone in your bag or you’re stuck in a lecture where your phone has to be put on silent.


Download/install the Android notifier application first.

The app can also be found in the Android Market by scanning this QR code: –

You also need to install the desktop client. This is what “receives” the notifications pushed from your Android phone.

Download Android Notifier Desktop App

Tip | Joshua Santiago

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