When I introduce people to Ubuntu, there is always a prerequisite amount of time required to help them get on their feet. Pointing out where to go to launch apps or save documents to, what the panels do, where all the fancy programs are installed from, and other basics necessary to use Ubuntu can be vague and difficult to discover for a new user. While some users may just be brave and go about clicking things till they find the things they want, not everyone is going to want to go through this.

Enter the Ubuntu Tour Project.

The goal of this project is to “provide an interactive tour for users who are new to Ubuntu.” This will provide both a simple text guide, as well as an interactive tour which would replace the need to have that familiar user to point out what different things do. It should be a great way to get a new user ready to use their new system without having to flip through a seemingly endless guide… although the Ubuntu Manual is a great resource as well! :D

Right now, they need contributers in the areas of Authors, Designers, Editors, Programmers, and (eventually) Translators, although Alex Lancey let me know that they’re primarily looking for Authors and PyGTK coders at the moment.

Check out the Contributers page to read descriptions of each type they need, or their homepage. Track them down on Launchpad and/or IRC if you’d like to help out!

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