Given that Ubuntu aims to replace the default mediaplayer on the Ubuntu Netbook Edition with Banshee, Didier Roche has requested that the proud OMG army unleash their unspeakable powers of mass breakage on the newly promoted Banshee 1.7.5 package in Maverick.

No specific area is requested tested, but since this release brings with it Apple device support and removal of the HAL dependency it would be great if people could try their portable players with this release. Didier is interested in gauging the general state of Banshee and if it is suitable to recommend performing the switch so any problem (or lack thereof) is of interest.

He has also kindly offered to aid people in filing any bugs they might encounter via #banshee channel on (He goes by didrocks in the channel). Please do show a bit of patience when asking in the IRC channel, it can take a while for people to rush to your aid.

To obtain debug information:

Quit banshee

run: banshee-1 –debug –redirect-log

Reproduce your problem and exit Banshee

then a log can be found in ~/.config/banshee-1/log – please attach this to a bug report, if you need help it is useful if you come prepared to the IRC channel by uploading the log content to and include the resulting url with your question.

(Please note that restarting Banshee will overwrite the log file so be sure you have uploaded the content before resuming enjoyment of your media files)

Additional instructions for Apple device testing can be found here and general Banshee bug filing information can be found here.

Currently 1.7.5 packages have not yet hit the PPAs (active development releases and daily snapshots) so this only applies to Maverick, but now that the new dependencies have been packaged this probably won’t take long.

Thank you for helping out Ubuntu, and with that OMG people, I will finish powering down my equipment, packing my life into a couple of suitcases and the next time we see each other I will be in Brazil.

Thank you to Didier Roche via IRC and the #debian-cli packagers who worked tirelessly to get this ready

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