With the latest development versions of Firefox rocking out on more and more users desktops as it progressed the age old error of ‘add-on not compatible with your version of firefox’  is once again frustrating Joe and Janes around the world.

Well, it needn’t. You can find a collection of Ubuntu-friendly and fully working extensions for Firefox 4 Beta over on addons.mozilla.org, which is the work of OMG! reader Justin.

“I’ve been using Firefox beta for sometime, and it took forever to figure all this out, so maybe it could help somebody!” He told us in his e-mail about the package. “It’s also well commented and noted when they need to be installed from the dev’s website.”

It includes everything from adblock and twitter extensions to xmarks and interface enhancements.

He’s also put together a incredibly comprehensive list of other well-known Firefox 4 annoyances and how to fix them, which is well worth a read.

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