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A Dark Faenza Icon Set

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

We here at OMG!Ubuntu like Tiheum‘s Faenza icons a whole lot. I’ve been using them since the first day I found them, and haven’t changed away yet. That says a lot coming from someone who just can’t stop changing and fiddling.

However, some of you who are big fans of dark themes and who weren’t quite feeling the vibe with Faenza might want to check out this work in progress of a set of Dark Faenza modded icons from Arry2006. He gives a significantly lightened up take on the icons to really give some pop to a dark theme.

Give it a try! Download the tar.gz from here (warning, multiple clicks to get to the download. Keep your flash block on), and then check to make sure it was named correctly. For some reason it downloaded for me as “Faenza Dark_tar.gz” when it needs to be “Faenza Dark.tar.gz”

Anyhow, drag that into Appearances, and you’re good to go!